School Emergency Program

Schools are considered to be one of the safest places in our communities. However, in reality, an emergency can strike anywhere at any time. Familiarize yourself with our guide for school emergencies.


Computer and Internet Policy

Oak Hill School offers computer and Internet access for all students. The following are guidelines for acceptable student use of the school’s computers and Internet access.

Educational Purpose

The school’s computer network is established for educational purposes only. The term “educational purpose” includes classroom and library activities, curriculum-related research, career development, and limited self-discovery activities as determined by school staff.

The school’s computer network has not been set up as a public access service nor for a public forum. Oak Hill School has the right to place reasonable restrictions on the material accessed or posted through their network system. These restrictions include NO access to sites that contain email, chat-rooms, pornography, violence, hate, nor any site promoting illegal activities. Students are expected to follow the rules set forth in the school and by Canadian Law.

Our Library

Oak Hill School is proud of the library we have created and we believe in promoting literacy.  

We strive to promote the joy of reading and are continuously updating our collection.  The library offers many different books for any type of reader. 

We have a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to choose from.  We have early readers, emergent reading books, and advanced level reading books and novels. 

Students can sign out two books at a time.  Students can also participate and purchase their own books through our online Scholastic book order program. 

Division Notice

Register for Transportation

Have you registered for transportation for the upcoming 2024/25 school year?